Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Anti-Climax for A-Rod for Now

Hype for nothing so far. A-Rod suspended for a record number of games, all the way through next season. But he still plays because he is appealing it. None of the others named in this current round of performance enhancing drugs crackdown are appealing, including Ryan Braun and Jhonny Peralta, arguably the other BIG NAME players involved.

But Alex Rodriguez, as we all know, is different. He's special. He is, well, he is


And either he is:

  • in great denial, believing his own hype
  • knows he can collect money between now and the decision or
  • is doing other "mind-enhancing" drugs.
For now, then, we will see if he can really still play the game. Maybe he is hoping that if he has a really super stupendous rest of 2013 and brings the Yankees from the lower limits of the division to a World Series, people will forgive him as the savior of that "storied" franchise. (See previous list for which one may be true for that!)

I must admit I am torn by the whole thing. No, I don't wonder if he should be penalized or not. I don't want to see him play baseball again. He and Braun, like Sosa Bonds and McGwire before them, have done great disservice to the game as much by their insistent lying as by their use of PEDs. The hypocrisy of the baseball establishment is as complicit as anyone.

It is in that aspect that this whole thing becomes troubling. MLB has gained greatly from all these players. Baseball has not figured out any way to deal with this problem in the midst of the big money involved. These guys had - and have- great talent. But they all needed to be more and greater and grandiose. Spurred on by we the fans and the guys in the front office, they took their own fame and fortune to newer levels. Humility and honesty don't fit into that picture.

Pete Rose, not one to be called humble, has simply said to A-Rod- "Be honest." Admitting mistakes and dealing with them up-front is still the best way. 

Time will tell where all this goes. I have a hunch no one will get away unscathed. A-Rod's fan base has all but disappeared. He will probably never make the Hall of Fame regardless of the appeal's outcome. MLB has to do something to make all this go away. Many of the rest of the players are fed up with it all.

Let's hope it will end soon so we can get on to a post-season without the Yankees and hopefully some exciting baseball.

How 'bout them Pirates?

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