Sunday, July 07, 2013

Warning! Warning! Dreams Approaching!

In addictions we often ask people about their dreams about using. Most have them, especially in early recovery. They can take all kinds of forms and themes. They are powerful and among the most real dreams we have. In general, we usually explain them as the brain trying to deal with its loss of a favorite substance. We also see them as warnings- how easy it can be to slip. It has been 23 years, for example, since I quit smoking. About once a year I still have a dream where I am smoking a cigarette. The overwhelming sense of guilt and fear can be amazing... and truly scary.

After yesterday you can't convince me that doughnuts AREN'T addicting.

I haven't had one since March when I started on my weight loss plan. That doughnut- a lot of empty calories that I had many evenings- was the first to go. Well, I had a using dream yesterday. In the dream I bought a doughnut, was caught in the act and you should have heard my denial and rationalizing.

Could have used it in a lecture at work.

But it sure was a good reminder of how easy it can be to get back into those old patterns.

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