Thursday, April 04, 2013

No Foolin'

I waited a couple extra days to post this so you wouldn't think I was just foolin' around.

RoadFuture at end on Pine Creek TrailSome of you may remember my 60th birthday five years ago. I did something I had often dreamed of doing- traveling the whole length of the Pine Creek Gorge in Central Pennsylvania where I grew up.When I was young it was the New York Central (Penn Central, then Conrail) railroad line. The Pine Creek Valley is one of those wondrous places where the power of God's natural world can't be missed.

Well, it is now a Rail Trail. (Link) It's easier to travel the whole length now than it would have been when I was growing up. So I did. I planned my 60 Miles for 60 Years bike trip in August, 2008. (Music Video Link). I had never done a long bike trip before. I trained on and off for a couple years and then, with my brother's bike, I started in the north and headed downstream with the Creek. Over two days I made my 60 mile pilgrimage.

1stRide10Well, another milestone is in four months. (See sidebar for exact days, hours, minutes.) This one is 65 years. Time for something new. At one point I had hoped to make a 300 km bike pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in Spain but the small problem of costs has prevented that. (Hopefully just a postponement until after retirement.) Something else had to take its place.

Enter my dear wife of almost 41 years. "Why don't we take a long weekend and you can do some biking on the trails here in Minnesota." (Lightbulb going on!)

Sure! Why not?

So I started some looking and found a wonderful Rail Trail in Central Minnesota. The Lake Wobegon Trail along with two other connecting trails, make up a ride of about 120 miles. A century ride. No, it won't be in one day. It will probably be over three days around my birthday. I'll ride and my wife will do other things and meet me at day's end with the car.

I can't think of a reason not to do it. I am in great biking shape, even now without any outdoor rides yet. Rail trails are fun, mostly flat and often in scenic places with neat things to see (like bridges over rivers, wildlife, etc.) Makes sense.

So here it is. The official announcement.

The pmPilgrim Century+ Ride for 65 years.

Or perhaps The pmPilgrim Medicare Century+ Ride since I will be eligible for Medicare.
Watch for more information and my preparations.

I'm beginning to get excited already- and spring has barely sprung here in Minnesota.

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