Saturday, April 06, 2013

"Heavy" Thoughts

A lot has been written in the past years about he "obesity epidemic" that seems to be sweeping our nation. About a month ago a number of us at work decided to do a "Biggest Loser" challenge among us. I then started to pay attention (again) to calories. This time with a little more seriousness.

I realized that since I am reaching that magic age of 65 this summer, it is probably a good idea to really pay attention to my weight. It only gets harder and harder to get rid of once it's on. I have lost weight in the past and then, within a six- to nine-month period, it's back. About a month ago I reached the heaviest I have ever been. (Nope. Not gonna tell ya.)

So I started watching my weight. I am using a software from an old friend called "DietPower" (Link). I started paying attention to what things have what calories, etc. Overall, my daily intake has been okay to handle. But over the last 8 - 10 days we had a holiday when we ate out a little more than we should and I started to look up nutrition information online for the restaurants we were visiting- none of which were the real "Fast-Food" places.

One meal- one entree(!)- at some of them would be 80% of my daily caloric allotment!! Some breakfast items could be 105%! I started looking around some more and I kept finding the same thing. Huge caloric content! I didn't even look at things like fat and sodium.

McDonald's and the fast-food places have taken a big hit from nutritionists- probably well-deserved. But the problem may not be those places. The problem I have a fear is in our eating habits- namely eating out on a far more regular basis. When I was a kid we ate out only at special times. A regular meal at a restaurant? Very seldom. Today, people are not eating at home as much. And even excellent quality restaurants with good quality food are probably serving too much food with too many calories.


I know there are a lot of other things involved in this obesity epidemic. It is not healthy, I have no doubt. All i can do is try to lose the weight and watch what I eat.

Maybe I can win and become the biggest loser at work! But I won't be able to celebrate with an over-stuffed, over-calorie-filled meal. Not if I want to keep it off this time!

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