Monday, March 25, 2013

Paying Attention

I am doing these from a course I am involved in right now on Attention and Interpretation Therapy with Dr. Amit Sood here at Mayo and his book:

  • These thoughts are all mine, by the way. The understandings and interpretations are my own of what I have been reading and experiencing. 

Last week I looked at the question of why try training the brain? This week I will move a little deeper into the idea of paying attention. That is one of the goals of mindfulness, of course, learning to pay better attention to the world around us- and the world within us.

A simple quote will set the tone for the posts on attention. Take and ponder:
“Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now
without wishing it were different;
enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will);
being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t).”
– James Baraz”

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