Sunday, March 03, 2013

Meditation on Forgiveness

                A difficult word; hard to define and
                Harder to live.
Forgiveness, like acceptance is not
                Condoning actions or
                Being a doormat.
It is a freedom word, a liberation from the
                After-effects of actions that the other may
                Have no idea they did or that they
                Need to be forgiven for.

So I look in the mirror when I start to think about

It doesn’t hurt.
I look in the mirror and
                The times I needed to be
Forgiven and didn’t even know it.
                                                A sly smirk
                Or smart word that hurt someone.
I don’t easily remember those.
                My memory becomes selective remembering instead
When those happened to me. 
When I was hurt.
But behind me, more reflections
                Of others- friends and acquaintances,
                Strangers and family.
I realize they have often forgiven me.
                I hope they have, anyway.
Maybe I will know only when I find it
                Possible to forgive others-
                So I am not consumed by
                Fear, hate or resentment.

As a Christian I wonder then if we Christians really believe that
                God truly forgives and
                Wipes us white as snow?
                Or, worse, that we don’t believe WE are
Forgiven. Scared to come into a holy God’s presence since
                We are not worthy. We are NOT worthy.
We are unforgiven.

Then perhaps if we do not believe OUR forgiveness is possible,
                How can we even think about
                Forgiving others?

                So, we are willing to let God do ALL the
Forgiving of others
While we go on holding tight to the
                Grudges and resentments and judgments of others
Waiting for THEM to get their come-uppance.

Yet forgiveness is at the soul-filled center of my faith.
                Without it the central doctrines make
                No sense.

To forgive is to affirm life as more
Than a mere possibility-
It is to affirm life as

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