Monday, November 19, 2012

Well He Was Just 17

My dad would be 107 today. 
He died at age 59 in 1964. 
Here is his undefeated football team from 1922 in Jersey Shore, PA.

Jersey Shore (PA) High School Undefeated Football Team - 1922
(Red is on the far left of second row from front.)

A little bit more about the team from a post on Facebook:
Not only did they go undefeated... in eight games they scored 575 points to their opponents 0 (yes, zero). Galeton 56-0, Bellefonte 46-0, So. Wmsport 127-0, Mansfield 77-0, Bloomsburg 101-0, Mansfield 9-0, Shamokin 44-0, and Carroltown 113-0.
Overall they set a probably untouchable and unbreakable record according to a PA sports web site:
Jersey Shore scored 676 points in nine games. The record that may never be broken is their average points per game – 75.1 (10 or fewer games). This is a national record.

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