Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bye Bye Twinkies and the Really Important Stuff

An "iconic" brand is leaving us. Gone the way of bankruptcy. Sales down. Workers on strike.

And of course, (Note: Tongue in cheek) it's all the fault of Obamacare. At least that's what I heard from some of my conservative acquaintances.

Let's get real. Hostess is NOT a small business hurt by Obamacare. Hostess is a business hurt by the fact that its "iconic" foods (Twinkies, cupcakes, Wonder Bread) are out of step with good eating habits. People aren't buying them like they used to. (Myself included.) Twinkies are utilized as a joke in our culture.

I am afraid that it has all but just started. Every time a bit of "bad" economic news comes out, it will be caused by Obamacare or at least by his re-election. Let's get serious folks, Hostess didn't go bankrupt over night and there are lots of factors involved.

But isn't it odd that there is more protest from some quarters, as well as major news attention to the Hostess Twinkies story, than to the escalation of hostilities and possible ground war in Israel and Gaza? Is Hamas trying to incite a wider war by inciting and escalating in Gaza? Is Israel ready to flex some muscle for some personal, or Israeli national reason? Does anyone in the Middle East have brains to see how incredibly destructive this whole thing is?

It is nearly as bad as Hostess Twinkies going out of business.

(Tongue removed from cheek. I have obviously stopped biting it and have spoken a bit of my mind.)

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