Thursday, September 13, 2012

Discoveries (2)

I know this isn't a "picture post" but I did scan it in so I will use it for my Thursday picture post this week.

Digging into the ancient past these past weeks has brought some interesting discoveries.  Like this one on the left.

It's an ad in the Lehigh University student newspaper, the Brown and White from back in 1969. The concert band was doing a joint concert with the Yale University band at Carnegie Hall. (Yes, that Carnegie Hall.) What got my attention in this ad was the price. Yes, I know Lehigh and Yale bands were not a big draw, but notice that the best seats in the house went for $4.50.

And the charter bus from Bethlehem to New York- $3.00.

I also learned something from the experience working with our band to do this concert- the way to get to Carnegie Hall?

Rent it.

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