Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun Pix from Valley Forge

Well, let us not get too serious about Valley Forge. It would not be like me to NOT find some fun pictures from our visit last weekend to Valley Forge. Let's try these first.

A wedding party having pictures taken from the top  of the rise by the Memorial Arch. The wide-open spaces of the park, and maybe even the flag in the background, could make for some neat pictures. But, as my wife noted, it is tough to make the climb in heels.


Pity poor  Baron von Steuben. Standing around all day and  the spiders just won't leave you alone.
The old Reading and Conrail line travels along the edge of the encampment at the Schuylkill River. As I walked down the hill I wondered how George and Martha could sleep with the railroad going by. (Not serious, of course.) Sure enough, as we were walking up from Washington's headquarters I heard the unmistakeable sound and the train came rumbling through.


Then there was the clear presence of modern American life. The Valley Forge Casino. Wonder what old George would say about this?


Finally, what fun to take pictures of flowers 
and capture wildlife with it.

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