Wednesday, August 29, 2012


You are supposed to come home from a great vacation renewed, energized, feeling great.

Except when your spouse gets a cold the next to last evening-

and you get it two days later.

Summer colds can be a pain. Mine always start with the sore throat and a few aches. I get really tired. I start moving really slow.

Then I go back to work on Tuesday (yesterday already) and try to look like I'm okay. I find out that two co-workers have also gotten a cold. I wasn't even there and I'm down with the same thing. Then sometime today the sore throat begins to ease and the eyes start watering and the nose running.

The natural instinct is to whine. Be a cry-baby. Let others know how you are feeling so they can act sympathetic and comfort you. But my voice was down so far in the bass range I thought I could sing with the Statler Brothers. Every one knew, especially when I would suddenly implode with a sneeze, blow my nose, then reach for the hand-sanitizer.

Sitting on the balcony staying warm on an unseasonably hot day, I realized that I haven't been able to think of anything to write for today. So, as is so often the case, just write about what's right under your nose.

Yes, it is a waste of space and time. Yours and mine. If you were waiting for some great insight at the end of this, sorry. My brain isn't working that way.

I have been back from vacation and haven't been able to do any working out or riding the bike or playing the trumpet. That only adds to the "bummer-ness" of the whole thing, especially since it is less than a month until the Treadman Duathlon in nearby Pine Island where I will be doing the 22-mile biking section of the day with a co-worker doing the running segments. Got to get going.

But maybe, just maybe, this will get better soon. From what my wife says it should be considerably better by, oh, Saturday morning.

Until then I will keep the Kleenex and throat lozenges handy.

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