Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Game We Didn't See

Okay. So we headed up to the cities after work. The weather forecast said only a minimal chance of rain. I had been watching the graphics all day and while they said a 20% shot, the timelines were all saying it would end by 7:00 pm. Game time.

It started to drizzle a little when we got on 7th St. heading for Target Field. I checked the radar on my smartphone and it showed rain heading into downtown.

Should we do this, we asked ourselves.

Why not, I said.

We parked, got to the stadium and, right after the National Anthem:



The tarp went on the field.

Umbrellas of the faithful came out.


We hung around for awhile and then decided that even if they got the game going, by the time it was over- and we got home- it would be a very long day.

We left and did our hour and a quarter drive home, walking in the door in the bottom of the first inning.

So we wimped out. But since we were there and this was one of my games for the year, I will add the win to my list of winning games at Target Field.

Tor 6
MN 7

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