Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Game We DID See

Game time Temp.
I don't often post two picture posts in row of baseball games. But we did go to two games last weekend. The first (see yesterday's post) was a rain delay that we didn't stay for.

But it went in my win column!

But then there was Mother's Day! A beauty of a spring day to go to the old ball game.


The pitcher was our star rookie pitcher, Scott Diamond. He was on his best game again.

Seven innings. No runs. After 14 innings pitched this season with an era of 0.00

Catcher Butera out at first.

It was a fun day taking pictures and enjoying a great spring day. Batter was out in this play, but notice the ball in the first baseman's mitt. Great picture timing.

Since it was Mother's Day, many players were wearing pink shoes and using pink bats.
Shortstop Dozier makes play and is off the ground ready for the throw to first.

Left fielder Willingham, chases it into the corner for an out!

In the center, my two favorite people!

What a great day with family at the old ball game!

Twins won, 4-3 over the Blue Jays.

Yes, I am now 2 for 3 this year.

My next game one week from tomorrow.

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