Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Look Back

April 25 is the birthday of:

1908 - Edward R. Murrow
1917 - Ella Fitzgerald
1940 - Al Pacino

In "recent" music history:
1967 - The Beatles recorded "All You Need Is Love" during a British TV broadcast. Marianne Faithful sang in the chorus.

1968 - The Beatles refused to perform for the Queen of England at a British Olympic Appeal Fund show because "Our decision would be the same no matter what the cause. We don't do benefits." 
 It is a holiday or observance of:
ANZAC Day (Australia, New Zealand)
Arbor Day (Germany)
Army Day (North Korea)
Flag of Faroe Islands
Christian Feast Day:
----The latest possible date for Easter Sunday, last in 1943.
----Mark the Evangelist
----Philo and Agathopodes
----Pope Anianus of Alexandria
Flag Day (Faroe Islands)
Flag Day (Swaziland)
Flag of Swaziland
Freedom Day (Portugal)
Malaria Awareness Day (International)
Military Foundation Day (North Korea)
Red Hat Society Day

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