Monday, March 26, 2012

Hurricanes and Quarterbacks

Pat Robertson has a way with words. Many remember his calling natural disasters as God's punishment. Now he has weighed in on Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow. Tebow is, of course, the latest poster child for Christian athletes. He has been controversial because he is such an outspoken advocate for his faith. Because of that he stays in the spotlight.

Well, last week Peyton Manning (of the same general surgery I have had) took away Tebow's starting Quarterback position in Denver. Tebow ends up having to find a new team after making sports headlines at the end of the last season. Pat Robertson had to stick up for Tebow, saying on his show that Tebow was treated "shabbily" and going on to add that if Manning got re-injured and Denver had no quarterback, "it would serve them right."

His PR people were quick to point out that Robertson was not wishing for an injury to Manning.

I know Robertson didn't mention God in this and only obliquely implied that divine retribution would be behind a Manning injury. And perhaps Tebow was treated "shabbily" by the Broncs. And I know that Robertson can make all kinds of opinion statements on his show. But i always question the underlying issues with Rev. Robertson.

Beyond that, I have no opinion. It was just interesting.

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