Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Couple Quick Thoughts

These have been running around my head today:

1) Albert Pujols is one of the truly great ballplayers in MLB these days. No question about it. Earlier today the Marlins offered a 10-year $200 million deal. Now we are hearing that the Cards have a counter-offer. He will be 32-years old in January. This will easily take him to his retirement old-age of 42. But is he- or any ballplayer- worth that much? I asked the question about Twins hometown favorite Joe Mauer last year. I ask it again. I guess Pujols is worth it if the market will bear it. Just that simple.

2) On a very different track I have also been considering the question whether the Church is to be all things to all people. I guess at this point I think the answer comes depending on how you use capitals and other such items of grammar...

Is The Church to be all things to all people?


Is a church to be all things to all people?
One, the first, is true.

The other, the second, is impossible.

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