Sunday, November 13, 2011

You Can Never Keep Up


technology keeps at least a jump ahead of what I buy.

Sitting in the local Barnes and Noble last evening looking at the new Nook Tablet I realized it is impossible for we everyday people to keep up with things.

I got my Nook Color for Father's Day. That was June. Only five months ago. It is not a tablet, but has some tablet/computer features.

Now there's the Nook Tablet. For the same price I paid for the Nook Color JUST FIVE MONTHS AGO.

Sorry to yell like that but my pioneering spirit, my early adopter status is continually threatened by such events.

But I guess there's nothing to do about it. No, I am not getting a Nook Tablet. But I will look with a certain amount of jealousy at it- and try not to be too covetous.

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