Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Back to Work

Well, after a little more than three weeks off on medical leave for a back surgery, it was back to work today. Over the last three weeks I

  • Started and finished seven books
  • Finished three other books that were hanging around
  • Took naps almost every day
  • Walked at least 15 minutes every day (usually 20-25) for most of the last 2+ weeks
  • Didn't watch any movies I had planned on catching up with
  • Sat on the balcony and read and took pictures of Eagles and Herons
  • Have maintained my weight-loss regimen and did not gain any of the 20 pounds back
  • Took it easy
The surgery itself, the second of its kind I have had in the past 2 1/2 years went very well. There was more pain than the previous with a day longer stay in the hospital and a day or so longer in using pain meds. But little if any of the previous surgeries difficulties (sleeplessness, for example, and continued pain in the lower back from the surgery) showed up.

I am grateful, as always, for the support of people around me and at work. I am grateful that people prayed for me and sent me cards. I know that a lot of things go into a successful surgery and recuperation and I have been blessed with many of those.

I have learned for myself something I "knew" but didn't really KNOW. When one is in better physical shape, recovery can be easier. I have been on a consistent daily regimen of working out for over a year and a half. I started a physical fitness and diet regime two months prior to surgery. I have no doubt about the positive impact all that had on my recovery these past three weeks.

Healing has many aspects to it. I am convinced that in each of our own lives, we have to be actively involved in our own daily recovery. That's what health and healing is all about. I am convinced that God wants us as partners in our own healing. That may be at the heart of Jesus' question to the man at the pool, "Do you want to be healed?"

While the answer may seem obvious, unless we go along with our healing and God's will, not much can come of it.

So, I am back on the healthy track. More surgery will follow, perhaps no later than this winter on some of the other back issues that are still hanging around. Until then, again, THANKS for all your thoughts and prayers.

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