Wednesday, August 24, 2011


While finding the videos for yesterday's post on Lieber and Stoller I accidentally came across one of the most amazing dance videos on You Tube. Perhaps even the greatest choreography and dance of all time. It is from the musical revue- Fosse. It is nothing short of mesmerizing- music, dance, vision, talent.

I can see why there are those religious groups that would want to ban dancing. Dance, when so intimately woven with the music is so powerfully sensual in all the meanings of that word, and gets to s spiritual place untouched by anything else. Even watching on a computer screen takes you places you didn't know could be visited so easily.

The full version (i.e. the whole thing in one video) has embedding disconnected. Here's the link for that if you want it.

Sing, Sing, Sing (Full Version)

But here are the two parts. The first is what we normally think of as the whole "Sing, Sing, Sing" number from the Benny Goodman Big Band. The trumpet and clarinet leads make you cry in joy. The drummer keeps the Gene Krupa beat alive and pounding forward.

The choreography works magic with the music. If you watch carefully you will see the very notes come to life in these amazing talents. You cry in joy at how it all fits together. It is an amazing experience that I would love to live!

Part 1

Then, just when you think you've heard (and seen) it all, it goes on....
Sensuality is brought to life in music that you hadn't heard it in before. Then the tap dancing takes over- a far cry from Oly Waugh's School of Dance 50 years ago. (Now I wish I had kept that going.)

Part 2

Then go back and do it again in small screen to see the overall motion.

I am awed!

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