Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just When You Think It's Safe

You could also say,

There's Always Something
**** Happens

well, take your pick. Life is like that. Up- down- around- through- over and over. That's what happened to me last week when I went for my general medical exam, aka- yearly physical.  For the past three - five weeks I have had some calf pain that has made it more difficult than usual to walk for more than short lengths without pain. At first I thought it was something I might have done wrong while exercising.

But it wasn't going away. Walking back from lunch to my office I would find myself getting tired from the effort. Which never happened, even after last week's 32-mile bike ride. It didn't make sense. So I mentioned it to my doctor at my physical. And he gets this look on his face that makes one stop and think. He then starts asking some other questions.

Hmmm. Not a good sign. Sort of scary, actually. I never knew that calf muscle pain could be caused by back problems or vascular issues. Since I have a history of lower back pain (spinal stenosis) this should have come as no surprise. But I have never had this problem before it was a surprise. That and the possibility of vascular issues? Whoa!

For someone who exercises as much as I do this isn't supposed to happen.

But it does. Some of it is simply that age-old issue: age. After nearly 63 years of life, things aren't always going to be working the way they used to. I am amazed at what I can still do and am still hopeful that I can continue to do these things- and more. Later this month I am planning on starting an exercise program at the local workout-place to get the weight and body mass index (BMI) under control. Which in and of itself could have a positive impact on the lower back if that is what the cause is.

Until then it is do the medical tests and see what is going on back there. Not an easy thing to let go of. That is another one of those things that crop up from time-to-time that force me back to work the First Step as I talked about yesterday.

I am powerless over many, many things. My life does not go the way I want it to.

So I have to stay in today. Enjoy these 24-hours and let my Higher Power take care of the rest while I do what I can do.

Which is good enough for me- and enough for me to handle for today.

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Anonymous said...

Keep us posted Barry - I'm praying for you.

Bene D