Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Of Course He Is

President that is. You know- Barack Obama, the duly-elected and sworn-in President of the United States. The President now for over 2 years. The guy born in Kenya Hawaii on my 13th birthday.

Today he released- through a lot of legal wrangling- his "long-form birth certificate." NO OTHER PRESIDENT IN US HISTORY HAS HAD TO DO THAT! He has been hounded by a bunch of ridiculous crap that no other US President would have had to put up with.  The incredible insanity has brought us to this-

and it isn't coming to an end. Now they want to examine it and make sure it is official and not some elaborate hoax. They also wonder how such a brilliant man could have gotten into an Ivy League school. (No one ever asked that about GW Bush.) It must have been a conspiracy or affirmative action that allowed him to go to an Ivy League school instead of some (obviously) more deserving (white) student.

If this isn't racism, I don't know what is. As quoted in The Ticket, a Yahoo! News blog that is the underlying problem....

columnist Michael Tomasky wrote for The Guardian Wednesday that the birther conspiracy "had to be the only explanation for how this black man got to the White House." He added: "And if you think race isn't what this is about at its core, ask yourself if there would even be a birther conspiracy if Barack Obama were white and named Bart Oberstar. If you think there would be, you are delusional."
I agree. And I am saddened by it. When 2/3rds of Republicans polled think he may not have been born in the USA, we are in sad, sad, sad shape. Yes, we have an African-American President. I am proud of that and about the courage of our nation to do so, albeit reluctantly among many whites. Let's get over it and celebrate the power of democracy and the hope our nation can provide. Instead we make ourselves look like fools.

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