Sunday, April 03, 2011

Change Your Perspective

There have been days when my normal ability to spin into the positive side of things just falls apart. I get downright frustrated with myself at those moments. Yet I also find myself stuck in the rut of whining and complaining; grumbling and groaning. My co-workers want to kick me in the butt and my wife wants to hit me up the side of the head.

So, with a period of that whining in the past couple weeks I ran across this quote:

Unquestionably, there are sad things in the world right now, even in my life right now, but grumbling doesn't make anything better. In fact, it makes things worse. The Buddha taught, "Every mind moment conditions the next."
— Sylvia Boorstein in It's Easier Than You Think
It makes sense, but it can be tough when you are stuck. the "Yes, but..." syndrome fills in all the blanks and takes over. That usually means it is time to let go. It is time to see how powerless I am in many things and turn it over.

Maybe that's one of the reasons for the weekly Sabbath (to rest) and for us as Christians, the Lord's Day to remember the resurrection that can even happen in my life.


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