Monday, March 28, 2011

No Juice

I mentioned yesterday the talk by author Kent Nerburn from last week. He spent a little time talking about telling stories (of which he is a master!) He talked about once being told that philosophy was

stories with all the juice squeezed out.
He went on to say that stories are essential to people and their self-identities. Which is why stories are neither fact nor fiction- they are far more important than that. Jesus' parables are perhaps the best examples in history of the truth of that. When asked many a question, Jesus would answer with a parable- a story- that was far more real and profound than simply a bunch of facts or expository sermon.

Even some of the most profound of his teachings are found in the context of a story. Think, for example, of the amazing power of John 3 which gains its power because it is in the midst of a story that illustrates it.

We must continue to tell stories, true stories of hope and peace, life and grace. We need them in this oh so difficult world.

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