Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Doing the Job

I heard there was some controversy going on again about a president waging some kind of war action in Libya. This time both right and left got kind of upset about it for all kinds of reasons. Sure, some were supporting it, but most didn't want anything to do with it. That of course happened after all kinds of people criticized the same president for not doing anything earlier in the crisis.

Now he stands up and says we have to do it.

Remember? He was a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Well, it makes no difference in the long run, I am afraid, whether one is a Democrat or Republican, right-wing or left-wing. There will always be a reason for wars. That's human nature.

Or maybe more to the point- it's human politics.

It doesn't matter whether it was Bill Clinton or Barack Obama; Bush 1 or Bush 2.

It's just presidents doing what presidents do.

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Acedog said...

This sounds oddly fatalistic for you, friend.