Friday, February 25, 2011

Wildlife Behaving Well

Wildlife along the Gulf coast can be downright hospitable. This Great Blue Heron was just as willing as can be to let me take pictures on two different occasions. First, he just kept right on eating at his favorite buffet-place. He let me get to within 30 feet and just kept one eye on me and the other on the stream.

Then a few days later on another bike ride I see him just sitting there on the bank. Again, I got to within 30 feet and he just kept sitting. I swear he was posing.

Meanwhile, overhead, the Osprey on the way to the nearby nest just swooped by as nice as could be.

On another bike ride through the woods this friendly armadillo just kept on eating, ignoring each biker that pedaled by or, like me, who stopped to take a picture. He wasn't in the least bit concerned.

But perhaps the most willing wild animal to have a picture taken was this fine specimen of a sand turtle. Funny, I went back the next day and he was gone.

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