Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Have Seen Spring...

...and it is ready to move north.

Early spring flowers, Bon Secour Refuge, Alabama
For the past two weeks we have been enjoying a remarkable vacation in Gulf Shores, AL, where we have had wonderful spring weather. Yes, all northerners who have been struggling with this winter, spring is alive and well and is on its way.

Now I am told that spring moves north about 16 miles/day or about 100 miles/week.

Water lilies in bloom, Bon Secour Refuge, Alabama
A fairly straight shot north to Minnesota from the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama is about 1200 miles. Let's see... 100 miles/week, 1200 miles- that means 12 weeks. No, tell me it ain't so! That would be the third week in May. Arrrggghhh.

Which is actually about the right time for the temps to hit the low 70s. May 21 is the date, on average, when the high temp should be 70. I guess that makes sense, although I know there will be warmer weather before then.

I have seen it- it exists- and it will not be stopped.

So here are some more pictures of spring beginning its northward hike. Enjoy. I have.

 Actually it was quite a fun vacation. Lots and lots of pictures and lots and lots of relaxation. Plenty of pictures and fun to come. Watch for it.

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