Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Can't Stand It Any Longer

Regular readers of my wanderings may be surprised that we have just passed the fifth week of the NFL season and I haven't said anything about quarterbacks, age, etc. I have been trying to behave, but last night's game between the Vikings and Jets begs for a comment.

The Once-Again-Viking back for another round and The Old-Guy-Starting-Quarterback were united and had some good moments. But, as usual, they were overshadowed by the final score, cemented by an interception.

Make note of the fact that the Old-Guy-Starting-Quarterback set a record of 500 TD passes and 70,000 yards in his career. He also added to his records of most interceptions and most fumbles.

To all you Vikings fans: You now can understand what all the Packer fans went through for those many seasons he was in Green Bay. Perhaps the single-handed record of combined moments of thrill and agony/game.

But the Old-Guy-Starting-Quarterback should not be dissed for his ability to keep right on playing. Aaron Rodgers, the Packers Double-A Rod, may be out due to a concussion. (The SI cover curse?)

That the Old Guy could play for all these seasons without missing a game is worth praising!

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