Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ginger Ale for Josh

As the Rangers won the AL pennant on Friday evening, they poured ginger ale on each other before going to the locker room for the champagne. Why?

Their MVP, Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton has had a well-publicized battle with substance abuse over the years. He has become a star after getting clean and sober and is not ashamed of it.(Wikipedia) It is clear he knows that his sobriety has brought him to where he is today. To lose that sobriety would be to lose all else.

But one person doesn't get it, that I noticed on the web right after the victory....

If the Rangers win it all, AA should give Josh Hamilton a pass on the whole alcohol thing. He earned it.
No, AA can't do that. He earned far more than a drink- a something that will be far more important than a drink. He said it on getting the MVP- He said it's "WE." Which any recovering alcoholic or addict will know is the very first word of the First Step.

But others on the web did get it:
Ginger ale for Josh Hamilton! Too cool. God loves the recovering and overcoming alcoholics. I do too!! #ioncewaslost


patricksmith04‎: Talk about great teammates, Rangers respect Josh Hamilton's dark past of substance abuse, so they spray ginger ale rather than booze. #MLB


jrvassar‎: Love that the Rangers celebrate with Ginger Ale for the sake of Josh Hamilton. #IamMyBrothersKeeper

All of us need to remember that WE can do what I can't.

Congratulations, Josh, for being a remarkable and humble human being. Enjoy the ginger ale. Tastes great, doesn't it!

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