Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jesus Christ—The Chief Elder

On September 11, 1741, a synodical conference convened in Count Zinzendorf’s apartments on Red Lion Street in London. Ten persons attended it, all selected by lot and all prominent in the activities of the church. Since Leonhard Dober, the Chief Elder, remained firm in his determination to resign his office, those present found themselves in no little perplexity.

Various brethren were nominated as chief elder, but the lot negated each. It was on September 16 when, to quote Zinzendorf’s words, the idea came to them “to accept the Saviour in this office.” Immediately all those gathered reached the decision not to appoint anyone but Jesus Christ as the Chief Elder of our church.

Deeply moved, the conference now submitted the following question to the Lord by lot: “Whether this signified that the Savior would himself undertake the office.” The answer of the lot was affirmative. Since that day no member of our church has filled this office because Jesus Christ Himself is acknowledged as our Chief Elder.

Excerpt from History of the Moravian Church, J. Hamilton and K. Hamilton
--Link to The Moravian Church in Canada

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Al in PA said...

Someone years ago commented that there were all the makings of a wonderfully spiteful "church fight" here, but those darn Moravians made their church fight into a glowing statement of faith instead. It takes talent to do that.