Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great Insight

From management guru Seth Godin:

Why jazz is more interesting than bowling

Bowling is all about one number: the final score. And great bowlers come whisker-close to hitting the perfect score regularly. Not enough dimensions for me to be fascinated by, and few people pay money to attend bowling matches.

Jazz is practiced over a thousand or perhaps a million dimensions. It's non-linear and non-predictable, and most of all, it's never perfect.

And yet...

when we get to work, most of us choose to bowl.
--Seth Godin

Which, I believe, is why I love what I do. It is more like jazz than bowling. It is people needing to work together and improvise from our knowledge and experience. It is never dull, sometimes out of tune, but is always a work in progress. It was why I loved parish ministry (until it became too administrative); it is why I get up and go to work today.

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