Friday, August 20, 2010

There's Money Somewhere

It was on the news the other day. The Vikings' Starting Quarterback is back in town. How did he get here? In a private jet. And all helicopters broke loose and followed his every move.

Hearing that on the news my wife looked up and said:

With all that, there must be money around somewhere.
To which I cynically (but honestly) replied:
The rich are never in a recession.
I'm as guilty as the next sports fan by continuing to support and make some people extremely rich and others obscenely rich. But that is part of why I liked Bill Gates and Warren Buffet urging their fellow "Wealthiest People" to give away more and more of their money. Even at that I will readily admit the obscenity of such wealth. Will I stop going to Twins games or watching football on TV? No. Is this hypocritical? Perhaps and probably. Can I do anything about it? Not a chance.

So I guess I will continue to be a hypocrite. Which places me right smack dab into the center of many of us.

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