Friday, August 20, 2010

Little League World Series Time

Every August since 1947 pre-teen baseball players have headed to Williamsport, PA, for the Little League World Series. That was the year before I was born not too far away from that mini-sports mecca. I first became aware of LLB in 1957 when a group of spunky players from Monterrey, Mexico, became the first international team to win the championship. Almost all the radio stations in Williamsport broadcast all the games and I would sit for hours listening to the games. I couldn't play baseball to save my life, but I loved baseball.

Inside LLB Museum, S. Williamsport, PA

I remember when they moved to the "new" stadium over in South Williamsport. I began to go to the games, taking the local inter-city bus and walking across the West Branch out to the field. I remember when ABC's Wide World of Sports would video tape the game and air it at their regular 5:30 time. I later worked for the ABC radio station just over the backstop of the field. (It is no longer there.) The World Series has been a part of my sports DNA for 50+ years.

Well, it's that time again. Now ESPN is there for all the games. Rules have changed; the tournament has expanded. But it's still the Little League World Series. It begins today. And, at 3:00 ET a team from Plymouth, MN, will take the field in Pool B against a team from Pearland, TX. That's neat. Good luck, team. Give Minnesota a win!

Little League World Series 2010

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