Saturday, August 28, 2010

Off to the Race

Well, tomorrow's the big day. I run my first Duathlon in Minneapolis. I'm as ready as I think I can be. As we joked around at lunch on Thursday one of my colleagues asked if I'd been training, since I'd been joking with another colleague about being out of shape etc. And the answer is "Yes, I have been training." I can't say it's been a lot of intense training, but for at least the past six weeks I have been doing some running and continuing my biking. Today I head to Minneapolis and pick up my race packet, including my number, review the whole process of running then biking and running again. I gather there's a whole art of going through the transitions.

But I'm not in it to win or set any records. I'm in it for the fun of it and the challenge of doing something new. For those of you who know me you are aware that I've liked to challenge myself from time to time with new things. So here less than a month after I turned 62, another one of my challenges.

I promise to update you tomorrow --

If I can still walk.

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