Thursday, July 29, 2010

A (Not Too) Fatal Flaw

(Backstory: I have been exercising before work every work morning since mid-January.  I am now in good shape and planning some participation in a Duathlon at the end of August. It has been one of the neatest and healthiest things I have done in a long time.)

There I sat on Monday morning. It was the first day of our stay-at-home-and-relax vacation. I had slept in but got up when I did so I would have time to take a nap later. I looked out the window and was enjoying the beauty of sun and puffy clouds and ...

What about my exercising? When am I going to do that? How am I going to arrange it in my vacation schedule?

This was not the first time these thoughts had crossed my mind. I had wondered last week how I would schedule my work out times while on vacation. But now I was face-to-face with the reality.

Which raised the flaw (and I am sure not a fatal one) in the workout routine. It is based on getting up early and exercising before work in the morning. The exercise facility is in the building where I work. It is easy and convenient- when I am working. It is not when I am not.

Like Monday- and this whole week.

It is the problem of routines, schedules, doing things at a set time and place. No, I was not about to get up at 5:30 each morning this week to work out.

But then I looked out the window again and said- but it is a nice day. What am I doing in here? Especially since I am planning on doing a fun Duathlon later in the August.

Note: A duathlon, I only found out a couple months ago is a triathlon without the swimming.
It is still three parts, but it is run, bike, run instead of swim, bike, run. 
Since I am not a swimmer and don't plan on being one, other than for fun, a triathlon is out of the question.

I haven't really worked on running a lot in the past 6 months (or 28 years for that matter.) So what better time to really find out than this week when I can run outside and see what happens.  Which is what I did. That and some nice biking. Even with the day trips I have managed to do something except today and this was a good rest day in the training schedule.

Which only proves the old maxim (which is an old maxim because it tends to state an obvious truth:) Where there's a will (or desire) there's a way. It also showed me how much time I really do have at my disposal for different things. All things considered, not bad for vacation.

I have discovered that I am not a good runner. At least not yet. 
I am not sure I am even well-built for running. Only time will tell the truth on that.
But I am signed up for the Team Ortho Minneapolis Duathlon Fun Course
August 29 in downtown Minneapolis. It is a 1.5 mile run, an 11 mile bike, and a 1.5 mile run.
Yes, I may be crazy, but it is my big adventure for this summer. But imagine - scuba diving and a duathlon-
all in one year.

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