Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Weeks Happen

Let's see, today is, um, Tuesday. I know that because I have a gig with the Rochester Big Band this evening in Zumbrota.

Last night was our weekly rehearsal. Tomorrow evening is open. Community band practice is Thursday, Friday I go to a Twins game with my daughter, Saturday afternoon is a BBQ at a friend's house, and Sunday I preach for a friend at a nearby church.

And, of course, I work full days each weekday.

Sometimes I allow my schedule to get a little out of hand. Yes, band rehearsals and gigs are a lot of fun and actually feed the soul. The same is true for a fun evening at Target Field. How can you argue with a summer evening at a baseball game under the open Minnesota sky or fun, food, and friends on a weekend afternoon.

Which is the way I have to look at it. After all, it is only a week. Too often I find myself whining about what I can't do as opposed to the wonders and fun of what I will be doing. We humans can sometimes find all the bad and ignore the good, complain about no free time and then worry when we don't have time to ourselves. All I have is today. I might as well enjoy it.

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