Monday, August 28, 2017

Just When You Think It's Already Bad...

He pardoned a convicted felon who

  • was still in the appeals process and
  • hadn't been sentenced yet.
Then we are told
  • it saves time and money in the appeals process (by stopping it through pardoning) and 
  • he had been thinking about it for months, asking how it could be dropped.
Oh, and the conviction was for
  • violating the constitutional rights of individuals.
Such is this president's respect for
  • the rule of law,
  • how the law can be bought with money,
  • the importance of the judicial system, and
  • his own place above the law through his belief in his power to do what he wants, even to undermining the power of the Constitution he has sworn to uphold.
I am trying to remain within the bounds of decency in my tone and writing. But
  • This is not politically pretty. 
  • It is not how America is supposed to work. 
  • It is not democracy in action. 
  • In my opinion, it is actually un-American.
 It is a seemingly never-ending shit storm. I am becoming more alarmed about who we are turning into as a nation and how difficult and traumatic it might be for us when things really begin to fall apart.

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