Monday, July 24, 2017

Rule of Law...

or law by ruler?
I continue to be gobsmacked by the news that comes out of the White House.
  • Talk of pardoning himself and others for something that didn't happen?
  • Constant updating of security clearance forms.
  • Attacking the Attorney General you appointed because he followed the law.
  • Wondering why the "beleaguered" AG wasn't investigating "Crooked Hillary"?
  • Suggestions being floated that Rudy Guiliani could replace Sessions as AG. 
  • Reported attempts at finding ways to discredit independent investigator Mueller.
This on top of all kinds of other issues from suggesting that the courts are not to decide on his orders, the incredible chaos and insensitivity to people's health needs in trying to repeal and "replace" the ACA, and, well, you get the idea.

 The lack of respect for the rule of law in all this is beyond belief. Although perhaps not. There is always an undercurrent of law by the ruler or ruling party. Admittedly the GOP is having great difficulty with their own use of that. They have been co-opted and overwhelmed by Trump and the basic support he has. They have also been trapped by their own rhetoric over the last 8 years into taking some seemingly extreme positions.

Sadly, the Dems aren't in any better shape. They haven't figured out how to be a loyal opposition with appropriate and helpful ideas. At this point they are in the same position as the GOP. All anyone can do it bend to whatever the wind is that drives Trump. The GOP going with it; the Dems tacking away from it.

Meanwhile the country is caught in the crosswind.

I hope someone comes up with some clear and hope-filled answers soon.

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