Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hymns That Move Me: Two More Lists

As I said last week, to limit myself to only 10 of my favorite hymns is nothing short of impossible. On the original Top 10 I purposely dd not include any of the great hymns of my Moravian tradition which is rich in music and hymnody. The earliest Moravians, followers of John Hus, published the first hymn book in the 1400s. Later, after emigrating to Germany in the early 1700s, they made music, including brass music, a central art of their life and worship. Sadly most of that music never got very far beyond the Moravian Church for many reasons.

So, I had to make a Top 10 for the Moravian Music, most of which would be at the very top of an all-time Top 10. But no, I had to make it 12 by adding two related honorary Moravian hymns.

(BTW, here's a link to an article a number of years ago in Christianity Today about us and our hymns.) So, here's the list:

Moravian-based Hymns
1. Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord
2. Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice
3. Christian Hearts in Love United
4. Join We All With One Accord (No, not the car!)
5. Jesus Still Lead On
6. Hosanna
7. Morning Star
8. Most Holy Lord and God
9. Angels from the Realms of Glory
10. The Savior’s Blood and Righteousness
O Sacred Head Now Wounded (Passion Chorale)
O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing

But once you get me started, it's hard to stop me. I couldn't exclude the great "Gospel-type" songs, some of which are not really hymns but have become part of my spirituality and music. So, yes, here are another 10 which brings my list to 32.

Gospel-type Hymns/Songs

1. This Little Light Of Mine
2. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
3. Precious Lord
4. Just as I Am
5. Blessed Assurance
6. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
7. His Eye is on the Sparrow
8. I’ll Fly Away
9. Beneath the Cross of Jesus
10.Abide With Me

What next? Well, starting next Sunday I will work alphabetically through these three lists, picking one from each list each week to talk about here. It will be a series on "Hymns That Move Me". And by the end, there may even end up being a few more and I will then have my Top 40 Hymns and Gospel Songs. (I guess you can take the old DJ out of the radio studio but you can't get radio habits out of the old DJ.) Maybe I can introduce some of you to some of our Moravian hymnody and spiritual life in the process.

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