Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When the Good Times Don't Roll

Prayers for 12 band members from Gulf Shores, AL, where a vehicle ran into them from the back at the very start of the parade. Four are listed as critical. The parade was immediately cancelled. Don't know what happened and why it might have happened. I was about a quarter mile down the parade route when it happened. We didn't know for about 20 minutes. We did get the idea something was wrong when a rescue jeep and a couple other emergency cars went tearing up the road with sirens going.

This was on top of the driver killing people in the crowd in New Orleans. Tragic days even when it's supposed to be a time of celebration.


At this point (noon, Tuesday) the police are saying it looks only like an "elderly" man (of 73) driving an SUV ran into them. They don't know if he was supposed to be part of the parade. An accident, probably not intentional or under the influence.

As I think about it, even being as close to the accident on an open road as I was, nothing rippled through the crowd down to us for those 20 minutes. Another spectator near me had a "scanner" app on his phone which is when we found out what happened and that the parade was cancelled. All the energies seemed to go toward helping the 12 band members.


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