Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Just Saying...

I realized over the weekend that I am still somewhat underwater from the election, even after five weeks. Wow. Actually, it is more like going back under after a short respite in the air. I have been traveling, but have also been finding it hard to keep on track with this blog and a bunch of other things. The reasons are obvious:

  • Nominations of serious billionaires who have little to no experience in the fields they will oversee didn't help; 
  • cabinet nominations of people opposed to the work of the agencies they govern didn't help;
  • pro-Russian businessman didn't help; 
  • international relations actions didn't help;
  • CIA and FBI arguing about intelligence [sic] didn't help; 
  • Trump stating he didn't need intelligence [sic] briefings because he is a smart person [sic] didn't help.
Time will tell- if we have the time.

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