Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Change the Paradigm and the Culture

We have been treated to another bunch of examples of sports people wanting to turn away from significant issues.

  • One team options a player because of a serious DWI, another team picks him up immediately.
  • Players on a college team boycott the team because a number of their colleagues were suspended for sexually inappropriate behavior. [Understatement!]
  • The coach of said team sides with the boycotting students citing "due process", even though the students clearly violated school and team policies, even if they weren't exactly illegal.
  • Last week a star of another college team tripped an opponent- the third such incident this year.
These are added to all the many ways the NFL and others like to look the other way, give an excuse,  or just plain tolerate bad, at times even illegal behavior. Somewhere, somehow, sometime we have to say "Enough! This BS has to stop! People need to take responsibility for their behaviors and their consequences.

Of course with the about-to-be-inaugurated administration we have seen more than a normal share of unwillingness to do that. This does not enhance our society or our country. The paradigm of winning at any cost needs to change- whether in sports or politics.

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