Tuesday, November 15, 2016

One Week is Gone

Grace and strength will be in great demand (and need) for the next four years.

May we be the source of that grace and the bearer of strength in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty.

May we not succumb to the lesser angels of our nature and instead work for unity and hope.

In that may we witness to a better way than just to stand in opposition and blocking dialogue. It is not our way to pay back hatred for hatred or to revert to "Well, they did it first." We are called to be better than that.

We are called to be open arms and a comforting presence.

We are called to be people of hope.

It is not always easy. But the easier way would be to quit being graceful and to give in. The easier way would be to go hide our heads in the sand, hoping that it will all change or that the worst won't happen.

Only when we stand up for what is right and good and proper will that message get through. Then, and only then, can we work toward the prevention of the worst and the acceptance of all of us, united.

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