Saturday, November 05, 2016

Coming to the End - What If.....?

The long, very strange road to the election is almost over.

Here are some of the thoughts I have rumbling around in my mind today. I am fed up, burned out, and just plain finished with the election. All I want to do is give you a few bits that I have heard on radio and TV the past week. No filling in the blanks- just the basics. Maybe next week it will clear. Maybe not.

  • Trump has unleashed some demons that won't easily be contained.
  • Hillary is a lightning rod and will probably not be able to do anything to win over those who don't like her. There is probably absolutely nothing she can do, esp. if the opposition won't attempt in any way to work with her.
  • Some of the demons include racism and sexism. But beyond those- and perhaps more difficult in the long run- is the middle class white anger at what they perceive as the loss of their hope while others seem to be the beneficiaries of their hope.
  •  US politics looks more like European politics than it ever has. Trump is a known type over there- conservative, mildly fascist. Sanders is also the other known type- the democratic socialist. Hillary is a throwback to the old politics.
  • Chris Matthews on MSNBC
    • If Trump polls 40%, and he very well could, pundits and the "elite establishment" better pay attention. It is significant that he, in spite of everything(!) could still get that kind of support. It says something very important that better not be overlooked by either left- or right-wings. Bernie Sanders did the same on the left. Together that would have made quite a majority if they could have agreed on issues. 
So, with all that in mind, that is about all I want to say until it's over. Maybe I can hibernate until Wednesday. Politics-wise- see you on the flip-side.

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