Saturday, October 29, 2016

Keeping On Keeping On

October 29 was a Saturday 28 years ago, too.

I was attending a church retreat with members of my congregation immediately following a week long conference on ministry to alcoholics and their families. I had discovered two days earlier that it was far more than just likely that I was an alcoholic. Sitting at that retreat, my world in and internal turmoil, uncertainty, and fear, I admitted to myself that I had a problem. I didn't tell anyone else, yet, outside of the leader of the conference the previous week.

Two days later, on Monday, Oct.31 I went for my assessment and on Thursday, November 3 I entered treatment.

Today I have 28 years of continuous sobriety and am nothing short of amazed and grateful for what has happened.

After that pause to acknowledge the work of my Higher Power over all these years, I return you- and me- to our regularly scheduled life already in progress.

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