Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Guilt and Frustration

It has happened with my daughter. I tell her a "live" sports score or comment on a game's final score. Then she says something to the effect of

Thanks, Dad! I was recording it.
It happened again last evening with a friend. We were at band practice and I checked the score of Monday Night Football and told him.

Yep, he got upset at me because he was recording it. He says he never watches live anymore. Too many commercials.

Guilt flowed around me as I was sorry I had spoiled his football enjoyment.

Frustration then came along. Now I can't even talk about scores when I check them. I might be ruining someone's enjoyment.

Oh well. Just be quiet, keep a poker face and refuse to talk. Let them enjoy themselves. After all, I'm a nice guy and considerate of others.

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