Saturday, September 24, 2016

What Next?

Monday is the next installment of the zoo, circus, and sideshow that this year's presidential election has become. I have been watching- and avoiding watching; I have been pondering what to write here and what to ignore. Overall I am in a state of numbness over the whole insanity. It has been going on for so long that I think we are all just going to either throw our hands up in surrender and do nothing- or vote in anger.

Neither of which is helpful!

But I also know that most people already have their minds made up. Very few will change their opinions between now and election day. That means the ones who will decide the election are the

  • fence-sitters
  • protest voters
  • die-hards
Who can be convinced differently?

What will make a difference in this year of illogic?

What will ease the sense of anger and powerlessness that appears to be driving many voters?

When will facts replace innuendo and policy replace finger pointing?

I have been hoping that something would bring about some type of breakthrough. So far nothing has. Will the debate on Monday? Will any of the others?


But we can never give up on hope.

I will be writing on some of this in October. I know I won't change anyone's opinion. But at least I will feel a little less powerless to at least get my opinion out there.

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