Monday, September 19, 2016

Truth from Lake Wobegon

In last Saturday's news from Lake Wobegon in a repeat Prairie Home Companion show from twelve years ago, Garrison Keillor challenged "old people" about looking back to find their story. Instead he said,

Look to your children for your story!
It was one of those profound Keillor moments. s I listened I found myself smiling gently and nodding in agreement. Keillor went on to describe sitting and watching his little girl during a trip they took together and how it was the perfect description of what he was talking about.

My wife and I had just left having supper with our adult daughter and her boyfriend. It was, as always, a wonderful time. It was an hour and a half of talking, getting caught up, kidding each other, and generally sharing our family's love.

I understood what Garrison was saying.

Look to your children for your story. They are the ones who write what has been important.

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