Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Some Views From the Bridge

I have been doing some traveling again, back on the east coast. Had a great time the other day as I did something I never thought about doing before: I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Like the Golden Gate, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of those iconic places. A few months ago I heard about the possibility of walking across the bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn. So I planned it. Here are some of the pictures I took. A fun day with good memories.

View of the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center.

View of the Brooklyn end of the bridge.

Walking above the traffic. Lots of people had the same idea.

Lady Liberty still welcoming immigrants with her golden lamp!

Two more icons:
The Empire State Building (left) and
The Chrysler Building (right.)

The lines of the bridge almost cry out to have their picture taken.

The neighbor bridge to the north-
The Manhattan Bridge

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