Tuesday, July 05, 2016

An Excellent New Album

I came across the new Avett Brothers album the other day. It is titled True Sadness. Here's the trailer:

They are a folk-rock-Americana band from North Carolina who capture spirituality and life in remarkable ways. As I was listening to the album, the title track hit me. These two verses say a great deal.

When I was a child, I depended on a bottle
Full-grown I've been known to lean on a bottle
But you're the real deal in a world of imposters
And I've seen the program make men out of monsters

I cannot go on with this evil inside me
I step out my front door and I feel it surround me
Just know the kingdom of God is within you
Even though the battle is bound to continue

Here's a live version of the song.

Here's a link to a Rolling Stone interview that talks a little about the new album.

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