Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just a Question

I was just reading about the petition that had started online to allow firearms to be brought into the arena where the GOP convention is to be held. The Quicken Loan Arena bans firearms, which according to the petition leaves the people in the arena at the convention as "sitting ducks." So to show that more good guys with guns is the way to go, they want to be allowed to bring firearms into the convention.

It caused some squirming on the part of GOP candidates, but the Secret Service bailed them out. Simply put the Secret Service said that isn't such a great idea! (I am waiting for someone to say that it was Obama's idea and he ordered the Secret Service to make such an anti-constitutional statement.)

But that leads me to a real conundrum that could conceivably show up one of these days. Someone, somewhere is bound to realize that there are those in the country who should not be allowed to own guns. They are terrorists, even though people on no-fly lists are still allowed to own guns.

What will be the response of the NRA and other 2nd Amendment extremists when the suggestion is made that Muslims should not be allowed to own guns?

Just asking.

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